Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Zwiers Family - Grand Rapids, Michigan Family Photographer

This session was a breath of fresh air for me! I photograph a LOT of children and I love it. It is my passion and a great joy to me! But it was really nice to photograph a group of adults - not so much time spent making animal noises and doing karate :)

This family is special to me for many reasons - most of all they are all a part of MY family! My aunt Jeanne and uncle Bob have always been an important part of my life. I remember being the flower girl in their wedding and still have the gift they gave me for doing so. Some of my favorite birthday memories were my aunt Jeanne taking me shopping just her and I, and on my 16th birthday receiving the most beautiful aquamarine ring from them. And now to see their children, my cousins, growing up into amazing adults is kind of a little emotional for me! I don't know how time went so quickly! From spending all weekend at the pool with everyone to seeing each other a few times a year because we're all so busy doing adult things.

Regardless, I love you guys. Thanks for spending some time in front of my camera :)

Etty - Grand Rapids, Michigan Newborn Photographer

The second beautiful little girl for Tom and Rachel!

Mom followed the parent preparation tips I emailed out and the work she put into it paid off. Little Etty slept like a dream! And when big sister Ella showed up she also did so well!

Congrats again Tom, Rachel, and Ella!

Welcome to the world little one :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Heidi and Lincoln mini session - Grand Rapids, Michigan Children photographer

Heidi and Lincoln are pretty special kids to me. Not only have I been photographing both of them since they were born, but their mom and I have been friends since the beginning of high school!!

I remember the first time Beth and I hung out together. She picked me up in a truck from the farm and when I hopped inside she was picking at her fingernails. She said, "Sorry, I've got a bunch of sh!t under my nails"...

...and it wasn't until like years later that I realized that she had ACTUAL sh!t under her nails. Cow poo, from the dairy farm her family owns and she worked on.

We were very different, but very much the same :)

I consider it an honor and a blessing to be able to photograph her children - to walk together on this journey as well. Raising kids, creating memories, and freezing time.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Oeverman Family - Grand Rapids, Michigan Family Photographer

My first photography experience with the Oeverman family occurred when Katie contacted me about shooting her sister's wedding on pretty short notice.

They were planning the wedding super fast due to the fact that their mother, Evie, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and would be starting radiation. They wanted to do the wedding while Evie was still feeling well as they did not know how she would tolerate the radiation.

The things that strikes me, and I imagine most people, upon meeting this family is their JOY and FAITH. Despite the trials they have endured the positive attitude and grateful demeanor has not changed.

And perhaps they are even more joyful as they do have a reason to celebrate! Evie's last PET scan did not show any active cancer! Praise the LORD!

Thank you so much for continuing to allow me to be a part of your family's memories. It is SUCH a blessing <3

The Vermeulen Family - Grand Rapids Michigan Child & Family Photographer

This is one special family!

Michelle and I went to high school together but never really got to know each other (soooo unfortunate!) but connected later in life when my family was looking for a realtor. Michelle is an amazing realtor and made our house buying/selling experience a complete joy despite all the bumps in the road we hit.

When Michelle and I first connected again she was pregnant with their first human child (Duke, the dog, is their first child really)! So I needed a realtor, she needed a photographer - we came together at the perfect time :)

And now, it's hard to believe Tenley is ONE! We did a super sweet one year/family session - because not too long from now there will be another precious little GIRL!!  :)

I like my parents to bring along special lovies to these sessions because 1) It's often a security item for the kiddos 2) The kids are usually super excited to see it when it comes out and 3) The lovies aren't around forever and it's so important to capture them so when highschool graduation roles around you have those pictures to hang up ;)

 Tenley looooves her dad - they are so cute together :)  I think Jared's smitten too...

Thanks guys for another great session! Can't wait to meet the next baby girl!!! :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

The VanderHeide Family - Grand Rapids, Michigan Family Photographer

I just love this family! Nick and my husband have been friends for a lonnnnnng time - and it's been so fun having our families grow together. The VanderHeide's are country awesome - come from a dairy farming family, Nick is a semi-pro bull rider (!!) - so it was no surprise, and really quite awesome, when Nancy told me she had a few ideas for locations :)  We talked about it long ago, wanting to do a session with their family in a wheat field...and we finally made it happen!

We started the session at a friend's home - in their amazing backyard.

Kanin was all smiles :)

Miss Haley is a natural in front of the camera. I still can't get over her adorable curls! :)

Cauy is semi-shy, always sweet.

Nick and Nancy - you should see the way they still look at each other. A great love building a great legacy.

So, Nancy texted me the morning of the shoot to tell me she had driven by "our" wheat field and there were combines parked by the field. When we showed up, sure enough the field we had planned to use was being cut down! BUT, across the street they hadn't started yet - it was perfect. But, towards the end of the shoot we did actually dart out of the field to avoid the combine! :)  (don't worry, we were very safe!!)

Thanks Nick and Nancy for another great shoot. Love you guys!