Tuesday, July 9, 2019

I'm back...AGAIN!

Hi all,

If you've been following my photography business for awhile, you're probably as confused as I am regarding what in the world I'm doing 😝

Last year, I began to close down my business. All of this was in preparation for what I thought was ahead on our family's journey. I was still homeschooling but planning to go back to school in the fall for my Master's of Arts in Counseling degree. However, when the kids started at their new hybrid program it became very obvious that the school year was going to be chaotic, to say the least. As I sought God's heart in all of it I just had this sense that I needed to be a "place of peace" for my kids in the transition of the hybrid program, changing churches, and all the other life stuff. I knew that I could not work, go to school, homeschool, and be the mom and wife I needed to be - so I did not go back to school and I didn't work. I've spent the last 11 months as a stay-at-home mom for the first time EVER - and it was GLORIOUS. I loved it so much. Sure, I did some pictures here and there and worked doing newborn pictures for Embolden Studios - but I wasn't running a business. I was all in at home and loved the slower pace of life so much.
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Because our experience at the hybrid program for the kids was not a good one, we knew things would have to change for the coming year. We felt the Lord had released us from homeschooling (that's a whole separate conversation, feel free to ask...) we decided to enroll the kids in full-time school for the coming year. We also decided that I would indeed start my Master's program this coming fall. As such, we knew that I was going to have to begin working again to help pay for my school and the kids' school.

So, here I am - trying to resurrect the business I shot in the leg last year 😋 In many ways, this is humbling. First, being open-handed with the plans for our lives involves sometimes making decisions - sometimes the wrong ones, other times the right ones - that we might have to change. To outsiders this may look like waffling or uncertainty, and I don't love to be perceived like that. But, my life is not my own, and I want to live a life obedient to where God is moving me, and that involves a whole lot of open-handedness. This is a lesson I'm grateful for. Second, not knowing whether or not I will actually be ABLE to resurrect this business could place me in a state of panic, or, as I'm choosing to do, I can view every single client as God's provision for my family. So, whether I'm busy or not, each of YOU is a gift.

How I'm currently operating things is that you will be able to book maternity/family/senior/milestone sessions on pre-arranged dates for a discount. I will also be booking outside of those dates but the rate will be higher. You can find my facebook group HERE and I post my session "events" there - otherwise shoot me an email and I can get you scheduled outside of those dates. Extended family pricing is separate but I am also now offering those sessions. Newborns will work as they always did and I will also continue to shoot newborn clients of Christy's through Embolden - so if you're a client of hers, don't worry, I'm still there too!

If you've made it this far, thank you. If you've stuck with me through the crazy, thank you. If you're just finding me, I hope we will have a chance to work together.

                                                                                PC: Embolden Studio

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