Thursday, January 12, 2017

Samuel - Rainbow Baby Session - Grand Rapids, Michigan Newborn Photographer

Sweet little  Samuel was welcomed into this family with SO MUCH love and anticipation. His family waited for him for nearly 6 years...and then he made his momma wait by showing up at 42 weeks! Stinker! But, oh, was he SO worth the wait.

Being two weeks overdue and already over a week old, he behaved much like a 3 week old baby - which is he was not all that happy to have me messing with him! He preferred to be wrapped and left alone - and so, that's what we did.

Every baby is different, each baby with a unique God-given temperament and character and I LOVE seeing it. So while it may bother some to not have a completely sleepy baby, I don't mind letting them be them...and capturing it none-the-less.

Enjoy a few highlights!

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