Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Zwiers Family - Grand Rapids, Michigan Family Photographer

This session was a breath of fresh air for me! I photograph a LOT of children and I love it. It is my passion and a great joy to me! But it was really nice to photograph a group of adults - not so much time spent making animal noises and doing karate :)

This family is special to me for many reasons - most of all they are all a part of MY family! My aunt Jeanne and uncle Bob have always been an important part of my life. I remember being the flower girl in their wedding and still have the gift they gave me for doing so. Some of my favorite birthday memories were my aunt Jeanne taking me shopping just her and I, and on my 16th birthday receiving the most beautiful aquamarine ring from them. And now to see their children, my cousins, growing up into amazing adults is kind of a little emotional for me! I don't know how time went so quickly! From spending all weekend at the pool with everyone to seeing each other a few times a year because we're all so busy doing adult things.

Regardless, I love you guys. Thanks for spending some time in front of my camera :)

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